Evaluations Policies and Procedures

Evaluations Policy and Procedures Manual

BVHS is committed to providing players an opportunity to grow as individuals and gain self-esteem through a positive hockey experience that emphasizes fun, participation, development, safety, and respect.

The BVHS Evaluations Policy and Procedures Manual is a guideline for the evaluation of players and goalies registered in BVHS. The guidelines are set to provide guidance and direction to the evaluation process.

BVHS Skills Testing Manual

BVHS Skills Testing Manual outlines the respective timed drills that each age group will partake in during Skills Session # 1.

More info on the Skills Testing can be found here, including videos.

Organizational Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy

Membership in Bow Valley Hockey Society (BVHS), and participation in its activities, brings with it many benefits and privileges that are balanced by member and participant responsibilities and obligations.

BVHS Complaint Policy and Process

Reporting an Infraction (a) Any individual (the Complainant) may report to a Representative of BVHS a complaint of an infraction by a Member or Participant (the Respondent). Such complaint must be in writing and must be made within 14 days of the alleged infraction. For the purposes of this Section, a “Representative” is any person in a responsible volunteer or staff position within BVHS.

Hockey Calgary Fairplay Codes

Hockey Canada Fairplay Codes that are expected to be followed by our membership.

Fit to Play Concussion Policy

This document sets out the practical steps for BVHS members to follow and is put in place to empower coaches to make decisions on whether a player is fit to play hockey. The document helps provide guidance in the following situations: illness, injury (non-concussion) and injury (concussion).

Issue Resolution Guidelines

The Issue Resolution Manual clearly defines the process for addressing any concerns throughout the season at both the team and or society level.

Refund/Withdrawal Policy

Please see Bow Valley's refund and withdrawal policy.

Coach Selection Guidelines

Coach selection for head and assistant coaches is done by a committee chaired by the BVHS Manager of Hockey Operations.

Affiliation Policy

This policy document sets out the procedures and policies to be adhered to when using affiliates for games and or practices. BVHS expects our coaches act in good faith and follow the steps outlined in the Affiliation Policy.

Suspension Policy

BVHS Suspension policy details our current guidelines surrounding team and player suspensions. BVHS supports the Fair Play Code as dictated by Hockey Canada along with the Respect in Sport program that is enforced by Hockey Calgary.

Social Media Policy

These are guidelines for the BVHS Community to follow in regard to the use of Social Media/Networks.

Hockey Canada Bullying Harassment and Abuse Policies

This policy sets out the principles and practices of Hockey Canada with regards to abusive behavior towards participants. This document is referenced throughout a variety of BVHS Policies and applies to all BVHS members.

Apparel Advertising and Jersey Policy

This outlines BVHS approved use of team jerseys and apparel advertising.


BVHS Coach Apparel Contract

This policy document sets out the Policies and Procedures around BVHS Equipment and Apparel.  Each coach signs this contract and submits at equipment pick up at the start of each season.

BVHS Sponsorship Package

BVHS has a variety of sponsorship opportunities available.

Team Level Policies and Procedures

Team Operations Manual

BVHS operation guidelines are set out by BVHS Board of Directors for our coaches to follow and use as a reference guide for setting up their team rules. The rules outlined in this manual are approved by the 2020-2021 Board of Directors. The manual must be emailed to the parents and discussed at the first parents meeting that should take place in early October.  ** Please note we encourage teams to add to this manual after the parents/players meeting when team rules, goals and objectives etc. are determined**

Team Managers Manual

This manual will help BVHS Managers manage their teams throughout the hockey season. The information outlined within this manual is meant to be a resource and reference point with pertinent information to help ensure that our managers follow HC and BVHS best practices from year to year.

Team Roles and Responsibilities Document

This document outlines the job descriptions for each volunteer position at the team level.

Team Contract

BVHS has introduced a new team contract that each team is free to implement.

Team Budget Template

This is a budget template that all teams Treasurer are required to use for financial purposes.