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BVHS Coach Application

BVHS is seeking coaches for the 2019-2020 Hockey Season. Deadline to submit Coach Applications is August 29, 2019.

Why be a Flames Coach?

Bow Valley Hockey Society is a well established, experienced and respected organization within Hockey Calgary. BV is committed to following the mission statement of Hockey Canada, the governing body of hockey in Canada, “To lead, develop and promote positive hockey experiences.”

BV Coaches, are mentored and monitored to a much greater degree than local associations generally have the time or resources available to do. Being a part of our program provides access to first class professional mentoring services, regular coach development sessions and interactive exchanges with other BV coaches.

BV provides significant administrative support through the Bow Valley Executive and Board so our coaches can focus on 'coaching'... we have a strong administrative infrastructure in place to make sure the rest is taken care of.

Coach Application Process

Please see some pertinent info regarding coaches below:

1.  Coaches qualify for the association volunteer bond as long as you complete the required hours evaluating.
2.  Anyone wanting to be a Head Coach and or Assistant Coach must evaluate during September for a minimum of 15 hours.
3.  Each team will consist of a Head Coach, 3 Assistant Coaches, and 1 Assistant Coach- Goalie Coach.
4.  Due to the number of qualified applicants we receive each season, coaches will only be permitted to be a Head Coach and or Assistant Coach on one team. In situations where we don't have enough applicants we will allow coaches to be on two rosters.

***The deadline to submit your coach application form is August 29, 2019***

Step # 1

Prior to completing the online coach application form, please complete the Respect in Sport Activity Leader Certification.

If you have already completed these seminars, please ensure you have your RIS- Activity Leader Certification # as you will require it to complete your online coach application.

Step # 2

Prior to completing the online coach application form, please complete the Hockey Canada Safety Certification Seminar.

Please keep a copy of your receipt for this seminar, and if you are selected to coach you will be reimbursed for the cost of all the Coach Certification clinics in January of 2019.


Step # 3

Complete the BVHS Coach Application Form.


Step # 4

Sign Up to be an Evaluator and or On Ice Helper during Evaluations.  Each Coach Applicant is required to volunteer for a minimum of 15 hrs.


Coach Certifications

The deadline for all Coaching Certifications to be completed is November 15 of the current season.


Coach Certification Clinics

Hockey Alberta Coach Certification Clinic Dates and Times.


BVHS Coaches Clinics

BVHS has partnered with Hockey Alberta to run 14 Coaches Clinics throughout the course of the 2019-2020 Hockey Season.


If you have any questions and or concerns regarding the coach application process and or certifications please contact:

Trevor Morgan