BVHS Playoff Ice

Hello Head Coaches and Team Managers,

As we approach the Playoffs, I would like to start to assign the playoff ice.  Please ensure that all requests are made through the team manager or head coach.  We will not take requests from anyone other than these two individuals.  Please be patient and I will reply to requests when time permits.  Please pick up ice times that will not conflict with possible dates and times of your first playoff games. Please click here to link to the BVHS Playoff Ice Page where you will find the link to the folder with the Playoff Ice Document.

If you put your cursor over the TBD on the HC website for the first round, it will let you know what place plays for those respective games.  You should have a good idea on where you will place with only a game or two left in the regular season. To link to the Hockey Calgary Playoff website please click here.

Final Standings - If your team is tied in standings going into your last games please click here link to the HC Rules and Regs and on Page # 43 you can see the tie breaking procedure for anyone tied in standings.

Playoff Rules and Regs – Click Here to read over the Playoff Rules and Regs.

For teams wanting me to run another practice please let me know what you would like to work on and what date you would like me to attend.

I will schedule one practice a week to start (weekday).  We have 40 teams in playoffs and we only have 42 weekday ice times for next week and we have 63 teams that want ice.  If the demand increases I will pick up whatever ice I can through the City of Calgary, Seton, etc, but in the past we picked up lots of ice times and they ended up sitting empty.

U7 teams are also welcome to pick up ice times for exhibition games.  You might not get a choice on the dates that you are given.  Please note U7 teams cannot pick up any ice times until after March XX, 2021 as you have two more weekends of scheduled ice times.

U9 teams are welcome to pick up ice times for practice as well.  You can look to schedule exhibition games in mid March as this is when we have a better feel for how much practice ice we will need based on the number of teams still in playoffs.

U7 and U9 teams will be given early ice times so anticipate that any ice you pick up will be before 5:00pm weekday and early AM on weekends during the first 10 -12 days of playoffs.  The U9 teams received more ice as a result of finishing evals early so its only fair that the better ice times during playoffs get allocated to the teams in playoffs.

Please check the document as you get closer to your practice dates and time to see if it will be a half or full ice practice.  It is up to the team manager to update your respective calendars with these practice dates and times.

We will be running a checking clinic for all U13 teams.  These clinics will be for all players, and we will go over a variety of techniques that apply to kids wanting to play both checking and non checking in U15 (first year players will also take part in these clinics).  These dates and times are scheduled in the doc attached and it’s expected that all players and coaches attend.  If there are conflicts with playoff games we will reschedule for those respective teams as we get closer to these dates.

Preference is given to those teams who are still in playoffs. Teams are welcome to pick up ice times based on their needs, but please note that you may get bumped for a team that is still playing in Playoffs.  If this happens I will do my best to ensure that your team gets sufficient notice ( we will not bump any sanctioned Games).

Ice times will be given out and in order that I receive the requests and please allow up to 24hrs for a response.

Best of luck to all our teams taking part in Playoffs.  Go Flames Go.


Yours in Hockey,

Trevor Morgan