BVHS - Morgan Hockey Summer Camps

BVHS has partnered with Morgan Hockey Development to create an exciting lineup for our August 2022 Summer Camps.

Our week-long summer camps focus on the fundamentals with an athlete-first approach.  Each day consists of two on-ice sessions as well as two off-ice sessions. The on-ice component of our summer camps focuses on the fundamental skill sets needed to make each player a well-rounded athlete. For our Recreation and Advanced Camps, we also offer 1 hr of Skills Analysis where players are put through a classroom session focusing on a variety of topics which include health and nutrition, off-ice conditioning, individual tactics as well as team tactics.

Please note these Camps are open to players from any hockey association.

Through our on-ice drills, our participants will work on their agility, balance, coordination and speed. Each of our camps has a primary focus on power skating, shooting and puck handling concepts. There will also be one on one instruction for the goalies who take part in these camps. The goalies will work on the fundamental movements and skill sets needed to make them well-rounded goalies.

Trevor Morgan will be the lead instructor for the BVHS 2022 Summer Camps. We have experienced instructors that are focused and dedicated to making each player better. We guarantee that our participants will have fun while working on their hockey and life skills. Our off-ice sessions focus on team building, goal setting and leadership activities.

Please register in the Age Group that your son or daughter will be playing in for the 2022-2023 Hockey Season.

U7 Age Group - 2017 and 2016 birth years
U9 Age Group -  2015 and 2014 birth years
U11 Age Group - 2013 and 2012 birth years
U13 Age Groups - 2011 and 2010 birth years

We have an exciting Summer Camps Line Up planned for August 2022.

Week # 1 - Aug 8-12, 2022

U7 Rec Camp - Open to players of all skill levels and abilities.

U9, U11 and U13 Rec Camps - Open to players of skill levels and abilities.

Week # 2 - Aug 15-19, 2022

U11-U13 - Play Like a Girl Female Camp - Open to players of skill levels and abilities.

U9, U11 and U13 Rec Camps - Open to players of skill levels and abilities.

Week # 3 - Aug 22-26, 2022

Advanced U9, U11 and U13 Camps - Open to players who play in the higher divisions.

More Information

For more information on the Summer Camps please contact:

Trevor Morgan- Manager of Hockey Operations
Cell: 403.919.5220