Off Ice Volunteers - 2018-2019 Evaluations

Each family should expect to complete a MINIMUM of 8 hours of SOCIETY LEVEL volunteering per child in Bow Valley; this amounts to roughly 2-3 shifts. If you wish to buy out your bond instead of volunteering, this can be done during registration. Please do not buy out bond at registration if you plan to complete your volunteer hours.  Your choice as to the volunteer bond payment must be made at the time of registration.


Members who do not fulfill his or her volunteer hour obligations will have their $300 Volunteer Bond cashed by Bow Valley. This is mandatory to remain a BVHS member in good standing. Your cooperation in this process is appreciated. There will be an official tracking process for each of the above activities and all hours will be logged and counted towards the individual’s total.

Volunteer Sign Up Links and Age Groups Evaluations Schedules

Please click the respective age groups link below to sign up to fulfill a shift during that age groups respective ice times. Once you check off what shift you are wanting to fulfill, scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out all the fields that pertain to you.

If you have more than ONE CHILD registered with BVHS, please ensure you enter both of their contact info in the fields when you sign up for a shift.

If you have volunteered and need to remove yourself please click here for details.

If you have any questions and or concerns please contact your respective age groups Volunteer Coordinator directly or the Director of BVHS Volunteering, Kristy Tanner.

Timbits Off Ice Volunteer Form

Novice Off Ice Volunteer Form

Atom Off Ice Volunteer Form

PW Off Ice Volunteer Form

Bantam Off Ice Volunteer Form

Miscellaneous Off Ice Volunteer Form

Midget Off Ice Volunteer Form

Age Group Volunteer Coordinators


Timbits Volunteer Coordinator


Bantam Volunteer Coordinator


Novice Volunteer Coordinator


Midget Volunteer Coordinator


Atom Volunteer Coordinator


BVHS Volunteer Director


PW Volunteer Coordinator