Filthy Mitts and Dirty Edges

BHVS has partnered with Morgan Hockey Development to offer this exciting Christmas Camp. This camp is open to players from all associations.

Trevor Morgan has created a systematic program that works on the fundamentals and age specific skill sets that ultimately lead to better puck handling and skating abilities.  This three day camp will teach players the fundamental elements needed to take their stick handling and skating abilities to the next level.

The on ice sessions will incorporate a variety of drills that work on skill sets that will be beneficial in all parts of the game. This program is designed to increase each players confidence with the puck, and ultimately help develop dirty mitts and mad dangles.

It's one thing to have filthy mitts, but you need to be able to skate and put yourself in positions to score.  Through our power skating and edge control drills we will develop the skating skill sets needed in order to execute plays at game speed. It is important for players perform the movements properly resulting in increased muscle memory. The power skating aspect of the camp will lead to better edge control, stride mechanics and overall speed and agility. This program is designed to challenge our participants while following a detailed progression plan while incorporating pucks. The drills are designed to increase the players overall skating abilities leading to dirty edges.

We expect a 110% effort out of each of our participants. Each ice session will break down the mechanics and once the technique is perfected, the instructors will challenge the participants and begin to complete the skill sets at full speed. We guarantee a low instructor to player ratio in all of our programs. By doing so we can pull kids aside and correct their form so they can have the confidence and abilities to become well rounded athletes.


Instructors:  Each ice time will be instructed by experienced instructors who have the knowledge, passion and abilities to effectively and efficiently teach your son or daughter.  We guarantee a 1 to 6 ratio for instructors to participants, which ensures your son or daughter is receiving ample instruction and feedback throughout the camp.


Skill Level: This program is open to players of all skill levels. We do our best to match lines so players of equal skill sets play against one another.


Dates: Dec 28 - Dec 30, 2018

  • Timbits Ice Times: 9:00-10:00am
  • Novice Ice Times: 10:15-11:15am
  • Atom Ice Times: 11:30-12:30pm
  • PW Ice Times: 12:45-1:45pm


Registration Fees: $99


Programs Includes: 3 Ice Times


Location: Trico Leisure Centre located at 11150 Bonaventure Drive S.E.


Questions: Please contact Trevor Morgan - Manager of Hockey Operations -