Coach Mentorship in Bow Valley

Bow Valley Hockey Society is a well established, experienced and respected organization within Hockey Calgary. BV is committed to following the mission statement of Hockey Canada, the governing body of hockey in Canada, “To lead, develop and promote positive hockey experiences.”

BV Coaches, are mentored and monitored to a much greater degree than local associations generally have the time or resources available to do. Being a part of our program provides access to first class professional mentoring services, regular coach development sessions and interactive exchanges with other BV coaches. Bow Valley provides significant administrative support through the BV Executive and Board so that our coaches can focus on 'coaching'... we have a strong administrative infrastructure in place to make sure that the rest is taken care of!

"Volunteers are not paid - not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless"

In Life: “You only get one chance to make a first impression”!

In Hockey: “You only get one chance to provide a great start! Make the most of it”!

MENTOR: “Not to critique but to construct” To share experience and support fellow coaches.  A wise and trusted teacher, advisor, counselor, instructor, tutor and trainer. A mentor is a guide, an advisor and can be a critical friend who, through his/her own experience, supports the learning of the mentee.

COACH: To accept mentor & use a resource available to be a better coach for the players. Be compelled to look at mentor as a “silent co-coach” on your team.

MENTORING: A relationship between a guide (mentor) and a coach which enables the coach to become more successful in all aspects of his/her coaching skills. Provides coaches with the required skills, knowledge and support to promote and sustain higher levels of performance within the coaching field. Mentoring is a relationship and a set of processes where one person offers help, guidance, advice and support to facilitate the learning or development of another person.


Friends Of The Flames Program (Team Mentorship Program)

Coach Mentorhsip Team Partnerships 2018-2019 Season

Each season we partner two or three teams with one another to provide a mentorship opportunity for both the players and the coaches. This provides coaches and players with the opportunity to work with coaches and players from other age groups.  The goal of this program is to have coaches attend practices with the age group above their current team, giving them insight into the skill sets needed to compete at the next level.  It also gives us the opportunity to learn from one another as well as learn new techniques, teaching styles, and most importantly new drills.  We would also like to see the coaches work together and have the coach from the older age group go out and run a practice for the team below their age group to give the kids a new voice.

This also provides an opportunity for the kids from the older age group to come on ice and help administer practices for the younger teams.  This develops leadership skills for these players and it helps to show them the importance of giving back to the great game of hockey.