U15 Evaluations

Evaluation Administrator

If you have questions about your childs grouping or anything to do with evaluations, please contact our U15 evaluation administrator - Stacie Ramsay.

BVHS Evaluations Policy and Guidelines

BVHS is committed to providing players an opportunity to grow as individuals and gain self-esteem through a positive hockey experience that emphasizes fun, participation, development, safety and respect.


Please reference the BVHS Evaluations Guidelines for the Grievance Process. Anyone wanting to file a Grievance, must complete the steps outlined in the document and submit the Grievance in person by XX am on Sept XX, 2020.

Please slide the grievance under the Bow Valley Hockey Society’s office door.  Anyone who files a Grievance must also send an email to Trevor Morgan - mho@bvhs.ca.


Skill Testing Information

The U15 age group will do the following drills for skills testing:

  • Transition Skate with Puck
  • Transition Skate without Puck
  • 100 Foot Skate Forwards with Puck
  • 100 Foot Skate Forwards without Puck
  • 100 Foot Skate Backwards without Puck
  • 100 Foot Skate Backwards with Puck
  • Agility Weave without Puck Forwards (Forwards Only)
  • Agility Weave with Puck Forwards (Forwards Only)
  • Agility Weave Backwards without Puck (Defence Only)
  • Agility Weave Backwards with Puck (Defence Only)

Goalie Evaluation Session Information

These drills are provided by World Pro. World Pro run our goalie evaluations.

Goalie Parent Evaluation Information

The Goalie Meeting will take place September 8, 2020 at 6:00pm via Zoom - https://zoom.us/j/92549191940

We encourage all goalies and parents attend this online meeting.

After the meeting the PPT will be uploaded and available for down load using the button to the right under the Sync Folder.


Bantam Schedule

BVHS Sock, Jersey Deposit and Volunteer Bond Cheque Deposit will take place at the time that players sign in for their Skills Testing Sessions.

Please note these schedules may change depending on registration numbers and the current situation regarding COVID 19.

Pertinent Information Regarding Evaluations

The BVHS website will be updated each night by 12:00am. It is your responsibility to check the website to confirm your child's ice times for their next session. We will be posting the Evaluation Groupings on the website.

The body checking and non body Checking players will all take part in the evaluations process together. Depending on the number of body checking and non body checking teams we have will pre determine the number of groups in the evaluations process that will be designated as non body checking ice times.

Players who are registered in the non body checking groups will not be able to move up from the highest non body checking group.

Ex.  If BVHS is to have 5 teams in the U15 age group, 2 of these teams will be body checking and 3 of these teams will be non body checking teams. During evaluations, for Sessions # 4 and # 5 if we have 5 groups in the U15 evaluations process, then group 1, and 2 would play body checking while groups 3, 4, and 5 would play non body checking.

Please note this would vary for Sessions # 2 and # 3 Cascades and the info above is used for example purposes only. For players who signed up to play U15 non body checking they would not be permitted to move any higher than group 3, as this would be the highest non body checking team using the example outlined above.

Checking Clinic - The U15 checking clinic provides U15 players with an introductory clinic into checking. The players will learn the basis for giving and receiving checks.  Click Here to see the practice plans for the checking clinics.  Please note due to the current COVID situation checking clinics are TBD at this time.  Based on the current phase in September the clinic may or may not be run for the 2020 Evaluations.

Skills Session # 1, # 2, # 3- Players will participate in timed drills to evaluate skills such as skating and puck handling.

Session # 4- Cascade Skates-These skates provide players with the opportunity to move up or down based on their on ice performance. Players are permitted to be on ice for up to two hours and parents should plan accordingly.

Sessions 5- This session will consist of two teams playing one another during a one hour game. Players will be evaluated during the session where they are the lower ranked grouping.  Ex.  In the group 1 vs group 2 session- group 2 will be ranked. Players will be moved up or down based on their overall rankings from all 5 sessions. Session # 5 is an evaluated ice time.


Session # 1 - Session # 1 Groupings will be sent out via email to all parents on or before September 25, 2020.

Please Click Here for Session # 4- Cascades Groupings

Please Click Here for Session # 5- Cascades Groupings


Final Placements and Coach Selections

The teams will be finalized on September XX, 2020.

Coaches will be selected and contacted on or before October XX, 2020.

Players will be contacted by their respective Head Coaches by October XX, 2020.

Practices could start as early as September XX, 2020

Coach and Manager meeting will be October XX, 2020 at Trico

Team meetings will take place at Trico on October XX, 2020