BVHS 2 on 2 Cross Ice

BVHS 2 on 2 Cross Ice Hockey provides players with the opportunity to work a variety of skill sets in smaller, more confined space. Community hockey coaches have gotten away from teaching players how to play the game in small areas, and have begun to focus more on systems and full ice drills and concepts. BVHS feels it’s important for players to learn how to play the game, and through 2 on 2 Cross Ice play, players can increase their skills and knowledge in a variety of facets.

2 on 2 Cross Ice Hockey provides players with an opportunity for self-learning, in an environment that is faster paced than full ice play. The small area provides an opportunity for players to learn the game of hockey as they have to read and react to the fast paced play as it moves end to end. As players increase theirs skills and abilities in these facets, players will begin to enjoy the game more while increasing their passion for the game of hockey.


Benefits of playing 2 on 2 Cross Ice Hockey

  • Provides opportunity for self-learning
  • Faster tempo of play than full ice hockey
  • Increases players decision making skills
  • Players learn to read and react to the game
  • Increased opportunity to touch and handle the puck
  • More opportunities to shoot the puck
  • Increased opportunity to learn how to play along the boards
  • Teaches players how to be competitive


Instructor: The 2 on 2 Program will be instructed by an experienced instructor who has the knowledge, passion and abilities to effectively and efficiently teach your son or daughter.


Skill Level: This program is open to players of all skill levels. We do our best to match lines so players of equal skill sets play against one another.


Dates: Oct 15 - Dec 17, 2018

  • Novice Ice Times: 4:45-5:45pm
  • Atom Ice Times: 6:00-7:00pm


Registration Fees: $249 Player and $99 Goalies


Programs Includes: 10 Ice Times


Location:  World Pro Goaltending Centre Located at: - 5938 Centre Street S.E.


Questions: Please contact Trevor Morgan - Manager of Hockey Operations -


Novice 2 on 2 Video

Watch a video of some Novice 2 on 2 Action!

Atom 2 on 2 Video

Watch a video of some Atom 2 on 2 Action!

Even The NHL Players Play Confined Space 3 on 3 /  2 on 2